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At Michael Angelo’s Wood Fired Pizza, we’re passionate about great food.

Bringing our mobile pizza restaurant to your wedding, birthday party, graduation, fundraiser, or other special event is a great way to make it unforgettable.

To help plan how many pizzas you need for your event and what costs might be, I am providing the following information to get you started:

  • We make 13” pies and a good starting point is to figure ½ pizza per average eater/guest
  • If you have other foods to go along with the pizza or different level of eater/guest then adjust the number up or down accordingly.
  • A $300 before tax and tip minimum applies for all events.
  • Tier I – 1 to 15 pizzas, price varies from $17 to $22 with up to 1½ hour of service (? minimum)
  • Tier II – 16 to 29 pizzas, price varies from $16 to $21 with up to 1½ hours service
  • Tier III – 30 to 50 pizzas, price varies from $15.50 to $20 with 1½ to 2 hours service
  • Taxes are added based on where you are
  • Tips will be added at 10% of before tax food amount, but you are always welcome to tip an additional amount if you wish

We can provide Caesar, Spring Mix and Italian salad and would be happy to give you a quote based on your numbers.

Ask about our interactive pizza events where you get to learn about pizza making and even experience building and baking your own pie in our wood fired oven. (maximum 15 participants)

We are not taking large events involving over 50 pizzas by ourselves (see **). We prepare food fresh in full view of your guests and our oven can bake pies at a rate up to 35 per hour. Because we prepare our pizza fresh on-site one at a time, we can only take events up to 50 pizzas and give you the quality experience we feel you deserve.

** For larger events please consider a multiple food truck event. Not only does this provide another food option, but makes service to your guests much faster. We would be happy to give you information about other food trucks to consider in the mix. This is even a great option for medium size events as well.

We hope to see you soon at one of our many events or talk with me about scheduling an event for you and your guests.


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