Food trucks are the future of food and we are excited to bring high quality pizza to the streets of Grand Junction and the Grand Valley.

We custom built our self-contained and eco-friendly mobile pizza truck with a full commercial kitchen to the highest standards, including:
  • Large wood fired oven
  • Spiral dough mixer
  • 110-volt power
  • Solar panels on the roof
  • Water reservoir
  • Employee bathroom

The truck’s innovative design allows us to operate fully independently. It also allows for quick setup and breakdown for street vending and catering needs. When customers come to Michael Angelo’s, they also come to you - our unique concept has the power to bring traffic to your business. Because we’re mobile we have the flexibility to set up at different locations each day and to tailor our menu to the event or customer at each site.


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From the Desk of Our Chef


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While some express their creativity through painting, sculpture, or music, the kitchen is our canvas of choice.

Grandmother Knows Best

Visiting my grandmother as a child is my first wood fired oven memory.  She would rise early to stoke the oven, and we would stay burrowed in our feather beds until the house warmed up. Only then would we shuffle to the kitchen where our grandmother would have a piping hot coffee and freshly baked bread waiting for us to share. Dipping warm, flaky bread into coffee heavy with cream and sugar is a morning decadence that to this day still reminds me of my grandmother.


My Interpretation of the Gas Grill

Years ago had a hunger to get creative with my natural gas grill. Feeling bold, I set up two chickens on a spit and turned on the heat. My high hopes were crushed several minutes later when heavy smoke started pouring out of the grill. Although the birds were too charred to eat, the power of high-heat cooking remained a curiosity and inspired me to try again years later. This time, I replaced one of the grill’s grates with a piece of cherry wood, added a pizza stone (and a pizza), and set the heat to high. The wood started burning and soon I had a pizza cooking perfectly at over 700 degrees. Sweet, sweet success.


Bringing the Goodness to You

After my adventures with makeshift wood fired ovens I knew it was time to turn up the heat. I threw caution to the wind and ordered my first oven, and the rest, as they say, is history. The quality of oven is the heart of our business, and it truly makes all the difference. Everything that comes out has a special wood fired magic that would make grandma proud. We’re here to share the savory flavors and textures of old-world style of cooking with you.

@2017 - Michael Angelo's Wood Fired Pizza